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Hello everyone!  My name is Katherine Langford, and I am the founder of the HCSB.  While competing on my high school speech team for the past three years, I became passionate about public speaking.  Public speaking builds deep connections and uncovers unique perspectives.  I wanted to expand this experience to more than just high school students, so in the summer of 2021, I created the Hendricks County Speakers Bureau.  Starting as a 4-H communications project, the bureau soon expanded into reality.  Now, I am excited to connect speakers to organizations in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does the HCSB charge fees to groups requesting speakers?

Answer: There is no charge whatsoever to community groups and educators requesting speakers through the HCSB.  Our pay is the satisfaction of knowing that social connections have made and education has been shared.


Question: Does the HCSB pay speakers?

Answer: No, HCSB speakers are speaking on a volunteer basis.  But of course, the HCSB does provide a platform for speakers to talk about their professional expertise, and if the presentations lead to future business connections, then that’s good for everyone!


Question: How long will the speeches be?

Answer:  The exact length will be left to the discretion of the speaker and group, but a speech length ranging from 20 minutes to 40 minutes is likely ideal.


Question: Can speeches be delivered virtually or just in person?

Answer:  While we hope that eventually all speeches through the HCSB will be in-person, if the speakers and groups prefer a virtual speech format (through Zoom or like format), that is perfectly acceptable.


Question: Are speakers required to have visual aids or PowerPoint like presentations?

Answer: They are not required, but we encourage our speakers to avoid “a death by PowerPoint” presentation. Still, some visuals and technology can help provide powerful punctuation to the speakers’ words, and therefore some visuals – either through old school poster boards or technology – are recommended. 


Question: If I’m a HCSB speaker, may I get help with my speech writing, speaking skills or with technology?

Answer: Yes! The HCSB has enlisted volunteers who are professional speech coaches and savvy techies who are happy to work with HCSB speakers to polish up their speeches as well as their visual and technology components.


Question: Must HCSB speakers and groups be Hendricks County, Indiana residents?

Answer:  At this point, groups or educators who are requesting HCSB speakers must be based in Hendricks County, Indiana.  We will accept HCSB speakers who do not live in Hendricks County, but speakers should keep in mind that in-person speeches will require visits to Hendricks County (and what a win/win, that is!).

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